What Is Insulating Paper

- May 22, 2018-

What is insulating paper

Insulating paper is a general term for electrical insulating paper. Used as insulation material for various electrical equipment such as cables and coils. In addition to having good insulation properties and mechanical strength, it also has its own characteristics.

tufQUIN composite insulation paper

TFT composites

TFT composites, a series of high performance insulating paper composite products

The tufQUIN110 is compounded with a polyester film. The typical structure is a thin layer of thin tufQUIN insulation paper with polyester film on both sides for high temperature insulation.

typical application

tufQUIN TFT composites, typically used for 180°C (H) class motors or motors for slot and slot insulation, also used in 200°C (N) class dry transformers as interlayer insulation and grounding insulation.

TFT composite material is a product with balanced electrical, thermal and thermal properties. It improves the reliability of the equipment by improving the performance of the insulating material.

1. 180°C (H) class motor or generator for slot insulation, see insulation and slot insulation

2. Dry-type transformers, interlayer insulation and ground insulation

Spiral wound pipe

4. Line and harness wrapping

5. Breaker panel

6. Busbar insulation

7. Capacitor insulation

8. Current-carrying conductors and devices

9. DC coil insulation

The main features

High toughness

2. Excellent dielectric properties

3. High thermal conductivity

4. Easy to insert

5. A certain hardness, resilience

6.UL insulation system certification, grade 200°C(N)

7.CSA certification, temperature class 180°C and 200°C

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