On The Advantages Of NOMEX Insulation Paper

- May 28, 2018-

On the advantages of NOMEX insulation paper

First, NOMEX insulation paper is a fiber composition of an aromatic polyamide polymer. This fiber woven cloth is an acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, fireproof fire service or space suit material. We can see from the molecular structure of neurons that it does not have weak C-H bonds. Even if it is under the influence of external high temperature, it cannot destroy its molecular structure and can only break the bonds between molecules, so its chemical properties are particularly stable. It will not be attacked by insects, fungi and molds, and has good compatibility with oils, impregnated lacquers, fluorocarbons, and the like.

Second, NOMEX insulation paper has good mechanical properties. The elongation of NOMEX insulation paper treated with high temperature and high pressure is almost constant. It has high tear strength, good wear resistance and toughness, and good high temperature and low temperature mechanical properties.

Third, NOMEX insulation paper has the highest temperature rating, is C-class, can work safely at 220°C for a long period of time, and can withstand short-time operation at 350°C; it will not soften, melt and support combustion at 250°C; Even at 750°C no toxic or corrosive gas is released; at very low temperatures it is not brittle. Therefore, it can maintain stable performance over a wide temperature range. It is widely used in the United States for Class C insulated electrical products.

Fourth, it has excellent moisture-proof performance, in the relative humidity of 95% of the state, dense NOMEX insulation paper can still maintain 90% of the fully dry dielectric strength. It is difficult for water to penetrate the surface treated with high temperature and pressure.

Fifth, the most prominent performance of NOMEX insulation paper is its safety is particularly good, the first is the flame retardant. It has been proved by experiments that its LOI at 250°C is still greater than 20.8%, so it does not support combustion and can be flame retardant. Even if it burns, it will not release harmful substances.

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