Main Features Of Insulating Materials Published:

- May 25, 2017-

Electrical technology Insulation material is usually referred to as the resistance coefficient greater than 10 9 square Ω.cm material. The role of insulating material is mainly in the electrical equipment to separate the potential of the live part of the isolation.

So the insulation material to have a good dielectric properties, that is, have a high insulation resistance and pressure strength, to be able to avoid leakage, creep and breakdown and other accidents; followed by insulation materials, heat resistance is better, mainly to To ensure that there will be no long-term heat due to performance changes; in addition to good thermal conductivity, moisture and a higher mechanical strength and process processing and so on.

Electrician commonly used insulating materials, according to the different chemical properties, can be divided into inorganic materials, organic. Insulation materials and mixed insulation materials three types.

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