Kraft Paper Printed Wrinkles, What Is The Cause, How To Deal With, The Base Paper Is Good.

- May 25, 2017-

Paper in the printing process sometimes appear wrinkled situation, relative to other paper kraft paper printing more attention.

1, the most recent rainy weather, printing will lead to kraft paper wrinkles. Treatment plan: dehumidification. Adjust the kraft paper surface and the workshop's air humidity is relatively stable. Put the kraft paper in the workshop for some time, increase the flow of air between the workshop. We also pay attention to the supplier side of kraft paper packaging, must be protective film packaging.

2, sometimes printed with a place to wrinkle, change the direction will not be.

3, kraft paper surface itself is not very smooth, so the printing speed must be slow to adjust the suction rate.

4, the size is too large, printing will lead to printing wrinkles, we can re-layout to adjust the printing size.

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