Insulation Sheet Features

- Jun 01, 2018-

Insulation sheet features

Do you know the characteristics of the insulating sheet? Let's analyze it.

    Frosted insulation sheet performance

    1. Chemical properties Can withstand the following chemical solvents: alcohol, weak acids, weak bases, silicone esters, hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, acetone, household cleaners, etc.

    2. Mechanical performance Switch life> 600,000 times mit bending life> 20000 times horizontal bending

    3. Properties: Haze 50% (±5%) Total light transmittance 89% (±2%)

    4, physical properties of the lead hardness of about 2H ~ 3H

    5, good thermal stability

    6, should not be exposed to UV light for a long time

    White insulation sheet use

    White insulating sheet is suitable for white and smooth applications with high light-blocking requirements. Pure white color, long-lasting color, excellent light-blocking performance, large surface wetting tension, easy processing, for guiding tape, IC card, signage, printing And packaging.

    White insulation sheet performance characteristics:

    The white insulation sheet is produced by special raw materials and special manufacturing processes. In addition to the superior chemical and physical properties of the ordinary polyester film, the product also has the following characteristics:

    A, low light transmittance.

    B, good surface gloss, good reflective effect.

    C, better compounding and printing performance.

    Translucent insulating sheet

    Specifications: Thickness: 125UM ~ 350UM Other specifications can be produced according to customer requirements.

    Application: Mainly used in the insulation of motors and generators, it can also be used for insulating layers of electric wires and cables.

    Translucent insulating film performance characteristics:

    First, excellent mechanical properties; good electrical insulation properties.

    Second, heat resistance is good; there is a certain extinction effect.

    Third, with excellent processability.

    Black insulation sheet introduction

    The black PET insulation sheet is a film obtained by heating dimethyl benzoate and diethanol with the aid of related catalysts, transesterification and vacuum polycondensation, and biaxial stretching. This product inherits the original chemical and physical properties of the polyester film. .

    Black insulation sheet performance and use:

    1, black coverage is good. Color uniformity, permanent, bright and smooth surface.

    2, has good mechanical properties and thermal stability.

    3, for tape black slip paper, electro-acoustic equipment, tape and so on.

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