Insulation Paper Mechanical And Electrical Properties

- Aug 14, 2017-

Insulating paper is usually made of plant fibers, mineral fibers, synthetic fibers or mixtures thereof, and thin fibers are deposited on papermaking machines by means of water or other media. Insulating paper has high tear strength, elongation is small, good insulation, and therefore widely used in motors, cables, capacitors and transformers in the insulating material, but also laminated products, composite materials and prepreg materials and other insulating materials The main constituent materials.

In recent years, with the development of the power industry, modern power generation equipment and transmission equipment to high-pressure large-capacity development, along with the rapid development of world science and technology, research and development and production of a variety of high-performance synthetic fibers and applied to the paper industry, such as poly Polyester fiber paper, polyaroma fiber paper, polysulfone fiber paper, polyoxazole fiber paper, etc., successfully used in batteries, transformers, capacitors and other electrical equipment, especially the application of aramid insulating paper is the most common and successful.

Due to the special use of insulating paper, it is necessary to have some characteristics different from other types of paper, including mechanical properties, electrical properties and thermal stability.

Thermal stability is an important indicator of insulating paper, is a major factor in the production of low-voltage insulation aging, to determine its service life. In normal operation, the electric field strength has only a slight effect on the insulation aging process. Insulating paper for a long time in the relatively high temperature environment, will be due to heat aging and brittle, and gradually lose its mechanical properties and electrical properties.

Domestic aramid insulation paper market has long been dependent on imports, its production technology has been the United States DuPont long exclusive monopoly. In order to break the monopoly of foreign technology, China's independent R & D and manufacturing a dedicated fiber manufacturing system, the use of unique precipitation technology to produce more suitable for wet paper sheet copy forming aramid fiber, the use of advanced spinning technology and fiber surface treatment Process to create a more easily dispersed aramid chopped fiber, and in this raw materials based on the development of a unique fiber dispersion, paper-making and high-temperature calendering technology to create excellent performance of aramid insulation paper.

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