High-density Insulation Cardboard Aging, How Should We Put An End?

- May 25, 2017-

How to prevent high-density insulation cardboard aging, Shaoyang City Hong Chang Insulation Cardboard Co., Ltd. remind you should pay attention to the following five points:

1. To prevent high-density insulation board in a high temperature environment, because the ambient temperature for each 8 ° C rise, high-density insulation cardboard life will be halved.

2. To avoid light and radiation, because the light and radiation will change the molecular structure of insulation, reduce the insulation strength;

3. Avoid contact with corrosive chemical gases or liquids, because these will make high-density insulation board insulation performance degeneration, reduce the insulation strength;

4. Transport should be used with protective measures of clean means of transport, should not be transported with contaminated materials; in the handling, stacking, not allowed to drop the board from the height.

5. High-density insulated cardboard should be kept in a safe place to prevent rain, snow, ground moisture, acid, alkali and chemical gases, the use of the environment should be kept clean.

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