Fibre Paper With Natural Antibacterial, Antibacterial, Sterilization

- Aug 08, 2017-

1, China's use of Fibre Paper has a long history, according to records have been 1700 years of history. At that time has begun to use tender bamboo, after lime marinade, making cultural paper. Bamboo paper and leather paper, respectively, for the two categories of Chinese handmade paper. Later, papermaking technology in the Tang Dynasty gradually spread to foreign, modern pulp and paper began in the 19th century, after the introduction of China. Papermaking raw materials from the bark fiber expanded to grass, and then developed into wood and so on.

2, at present, the domestic does not have a decent bamboo fiber life paper brand, it is understood that bamboo pulp tissue manufacturers to Sichuan, bamboo pulp tissue industry has no business to make the world, at In the first stage of the first group of flurry, the future prospects of worrying.

3, wood fiber life can dominate the world, naturally have their advantages, but the advantages of bamboo fiber products is also very obvious: First, health: bamboo fiber with a natural antibacterial, antibacterial, bactericidal effect, because there is a bamboo inside Kind of unique material,Fibre Paper the name of this material called "bamboo Kun". Second, the comfort: bamboo fiber fiber is relatively fine, observed in the 2000 times under the electron microscope bamboo fiber cross section by a number of oval gap composition, was hollow state, air permeability is 3.5 times the cotton, known as "breathing The fiber queen. " Third, environmental protection: bamboo is a renewable plant, breeding ability, short growth cycle, good quality and other characteristics,Fibre Paper its industrial and commercial value is increasingly accepted for people to accept, four is scarcity: for China, bamboo Resource-rich, possession of the world 24%, so there are world bamboo in Asia, Asia, bamboo in China, said China and India accounted for 50% of the world's bamboo resources, so for other countries is a scarce resource, so bamboo resources value The development of China's bamboo resources developed area has a huge economic value of bamboo fiber toilet paper on the baby what are the benefits?

 Fibre Paper in recent years is the market selling hot insulation materials, it is light and efficient features, sought after by the majority of users, now on the market there have been a lot of poor quality Fibre Paper,Fibre Paper the price is relatively low, but the naked eye is not very good Distinguish between good and bad, and even the surface looks better than the quality of a little better, but poor quality Fibre Paper products there are serious quality problems and hidden dangers.

To help consumers identify serious fake, buy genuine Fibre Paper, so as to avoid economic losses, today teach you how to identify high-quality Fibre Paper:

First, the conventional product size of Fibre Paper single piece weight of about 7 kg, while the weight of imitation is relatively light or relatively heavy.

Second, high quality Fibre Paper is more expensive because of its higher cost. While the price is relatively low is undoubtedly inferior products.

Third, the authentic color is relatively pure will not appear variegated white, but not particularly white, imitation of the color will appear mixed feeling and other effects, is generally yellow.

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