Fibre Paper To Meet The Requirements Of Continuous Production Applications

- Aug 14, 2017-

Fibre Paper in recent years is the market selling hot insulation materials, it is light and efficient features, sought after by the majority of users, now on the market there have been a lot of poor quality Fibre Paper, the price is relatively low, but the naked eye is not very good Distinguish between good and bad, and even the surface looks better than the quality of a little better, but poor quality Fibre Paper products there are serious quality problems and hidden dangers.

To help consumers identify serious fake, buy genuine Fibre Paper, so as to avoid economic losses, today teach you how to identify high-quality Fibre Paper:

First, the conventional product size of Fibre Paper single piece weight of about 7 kg, while the weight of imitation is relatively light or relatively heavy.

Second, high quality Fibre Paper is more expensive because of its higher cost. While the price is relatively low is undoubtedly inferior products.

Third, the authentic color is relatively pure will not appear variegated white, but not particularly white, imitation of the color will appear mixed feeling and other effects, is generally yellow. Fourth, look at the slag content, this equipment does not need to detect, hand can be aware of how much, first of all touch the surface, whether the slag powder too much, again after tearing the touch, split the amount of slag ball size, And so on, the reason for this is that many manufacturers in order to look good or cover the fact that too much slag ball, simply in the surface of a layer of glue, in fact, the most can not use such Fibre Paper, because the case of high temperature this layer of plastic on the volatile , And only ceramic fiber, and that there will be layered or scattered situation.

Fifth, do the combustion test, the method is particularly simple to use your fire or gas stove can be lit directly to see if there will be odor when the test, the number of smoke, after a period of time after burning will not be reduced to white. After the test, look at the Fibre Paper will not appear layered or scattered situation. Good fiber paper almost no smell and smoke, after the case of high temperature will not be layered or scattered.

Aluminum silicate fiber with high strength, low thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and other properties. Especially at high temperatures up to 1300 ° C, it still has high strength, excellent oxidation resistance and creep resistance. Therefore, it is used in aerospace, military, chemical and other industries. Aluminum silicate fiber paper is an excellent temperature and heat insulation material, with low thermal conductivity, good insulation. The 20th century, 40 years, the United States, Japan and other developed countries began to aluminum silicate fiber research and high-quality product development. In our country,Fibre Paper still in the stage of manufacturing low quality fire carpet. Therefore, the study of high performance aluminum silicate fiber paper products is of great significance.

Preparation of aluminum silicate paper, it must first beating pretreatment, in the cleaning process easier to remove the crystal slag, to improve the dispersion of fiber performance. But to avoid excessive beating to make the fiber into powder. Therefore, the effect of beating is mainly cut off the role. Conventional beating equipment is not applicable, need to use crusher. And then use the fiber and crystal slag sedimentation rate of different characteristics to remove the crystal slag.

The strength of aluminum silicate fiber paper should meet the requirements of continuous production applications. Low cohesive aluminum silicate fiber is difficult to form high-strength paper, need to add the appropriate adhesive.

With the increase in the amount of adhesive aluminum silicate fiber paper strength gradually increased, the thickness is gradually increased. At room temperature,Fibre Paper the strength properties of aluminum silicate fiber paper, under the same amount of added conditions, modified phenolic resin adhesive is better than CMC, CMC better than PVA, PVA better than water glass, four kinds of adhesive modified Phenolic resin bonding effect is the best, inorganic adhesive water glass the worst. The same amount of added conditions, the water glass has a better bond strength, followed by aluminum sol, silica sol the worst.

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