Aramid Paper High Strength And High Modulus, Low Deformation, High Temperature

- Aug 08, 2017-

Aramid Paper In high-tech fiber materials, aramid possession of a very prominent position. And aramid paper because of its special paper structure, as well as excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and physical properties, as a revolutionary new materials, in the military, communications, transportation, electrical and other fields have been rapidly promoting the use of market prospects broad.

Aramid is divided into two types: paraformamide fiber (PPTA) and meta aramide fiber (PMIA).

Aramid paper is made of 100% aramid fiber deep processing of special paper, with high strength and high modulus, low deformation, high temperature,Aramid Paper corrosion and a series of excellent performance, is applicable to a variety of areas of high-tech industry paper.

China's strong demand for aramid fiber paper first performance in the field of electrical insulation. Among them, the transformer is currently China's use of aramid insulation paper the most areas. At the same time, China's railway electrification and urban subway, light rail construction is accelerating the pace, including high-power traction transformer,Aramid Paper including high-speed trains related equipment put forward higher requirements. The use of aramid paper insulation system of airborne transformers will also usher in an unprecedented opportunity for development.

Aramid paper honeycomb is another important area of China's aramid fiber paper market. As a high-performance lightweight aviation material that has been maturely used in foreign aircraft, the application of aramid paper honeycomb structure in domestic large-scale and high-speed train manufacturing will be higher and higher.

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, domestic demand has been expanding, as the world's factories in China for the special paper market is expanding. With the stable development of China's economy, the domestic specialty paper industry will be more and more sub-varieties,Aramid Paper special paper industry development prospects are very broad, the expansion of the domestic market is a special paper business development opportunities.

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