Application Scope

- May 25, 2017-

NOMEX products can be used in a variety of transformers (including open ventilation, casting coil and liquid type) can be used in a variety of applications: wire winding, insulation, segment and box insulation, winding end packing, Partitions and bars. In open-air dry (OVDT) transformers, NOMEX® products can greatly improve the design of these transformers, reduce electrical losses, improve back-up capacity, increase safety and reliability, and reduce the amount of steel used in conductors and cores Size, cost reduction. One of the great advantages of dry-type transformers can be placed in buildings.

NOMEX & reg; products can also improve the performance of liquid-filled transformers, reducing maintenance times. NOMEX & reg; product versatility and simplicity can help reduce inventory and costs.

NOMEX & reg; products are widely used in motors and generators for wedge insulation, phase insulation, end laminates and so on. So that all kinds of rotating set (AC, DC motor, random coil and die winding, and even large turbo generators) better insulation, better mechanical, higher safety, longer service life.

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