Laminating Aramid Paper Tape

Laminating Aramid Paper Tape


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Aramid paper is made of pure aramid fiber special paper, high strength, low deformation, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardant and excellent electrical insulation characteristics, widely used in aerospace, defense industry, transportation, energy and other fields.

Aramid paper UL certified temperature is 210 DEG C grade electrical insulation, mechanical and electrical products made of it can reach H level (180 DEG C) high temperature insulation grade and above, the aramid paper deformation, melting at high temperature, improve the mechanical and electrical products temporarily withstand overheating and overload capacity moreover, the use of aramid paper as insulating material can make the electromechanical products compact and durable, its size and weight is greatly reduced.

Aramid paper is mainly used for insulation: insulation coil, transformer winding layer, insulating material and wire insulation sleeve, joint parts,; coil winding, slot motor and generator, interphones interturn, line terminal insulating materials; insulated cables and wires, nuclear power equipment insulation materials. The main products are dry transformer, locomotive traction motor, mine motor, microwave oven transformer etc..

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