The role and use of insulating paper

- May 25, 2017-

Insulation paper is able to prevent the current through the material, the DC current has a very large resistance, under the action of DC voltage, in addition to a very small surface leakage current, in fact, almost non-conductive, and for the AC current capacitance The current passes, but is also considered to be nonconductive. Anti-static products made of insulating paper.

The greater the resistivity of the insulating paper, the better the insulation performance. Insulating paper is an indispensable material in electrical products, and the proportion of electrical equipment is great. In general, electrical and electrical equipment are made of conductive materials, magnetic materials, insulating paper and structural materials. In addition to insulating paper, the other is metal materials. Motor, electrical appliances in operation, inevitably subject to temperature, electricity, mechanical stress and vibration, harmful gases, chemicals, moisture, dust and radiation and other factors. These factors have a more pronounced effect on insulating paper than other materials. It can be said that insulating paper is more sensitive to these factors, easily deteriorated deterioration, resulting in electrical equipment damage. So the insulating paper is to determine the motor, electrical operation reliability of the key material.

Insulation paper is one of the key factors in determining the technical and economic indicators of motor and electrical appliances. One of the important technical and economic indicators of the motor is the mass power ratio, that is, the kg / kw value. Reduce the ratio, the motor has important significance. From the motor, electrical products, the cost of the situation, the cost of insulating paper in about half of these are the insulating paper in the electrical, electrical industry, the status and role.

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