The difference between green paper and insulating paper

- May 25, 2017-

Insulating paper coated with polyester film F-class adhesive, one side of the polyester fiber non-woven fabric made of a composite insulation products, referred to as DMD. 6641 F-DMD composites have good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and high heat resistance (grade F). Insulation paper is Y series motor stereotypes insulation material, can be used as small and medium-sized motor slot insulation, inter-turn and interlayer insulation, liner insulation and transformer insulation.

Green paper is a fluoro-processed paper product. Surface color green black, with strong tensile strength, vertical and horizontal bending, temperature at 130 ℃, resistance to voltage of 4000 volts, no blister, no glue, for electrical appliances, enameled wire, transformer insulation protection. Features: good insulation, flexibility, water resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, anti-aging, a good plug gap material.

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