The development level of the coating industry is one of the symbols of the national chemical industry developed level

- May 25, 2017-

The formation or addition of nano-scale grains or non-crystalline material inside the polymer mainly comprises:

① in the production process strictly control the ratio of raw materials to avoid spurious ions, especially the introduction of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ions.

② minimize the glass phase content, try to reduce the process to improve the performance of the glass phase of the conductivity.

③ strict control of the introduction of iron, cobalt and other variable metal ions, so as to avoid free ions and holes.

④ strict control of the production process in the temperature and atmosphere, in order to avoid redox reaction and the emergence of electrons and holes to prevent the occurrence of lattice conversion caused by crystal defects.

In the 1980s, new F and H-type insulating materials systems began to develop, such as polyester imide, polyimide imide, polyimide, polymaleimide, polydiphenyl ether and other heat Insulating paint, adhesives and films, as well as modified epoxy, unsaturated polyester, polyaroma fiber paper and its composite materials, and other new products. Economic globalization is the objective process of the development of the world today. It is a new historical stage of economic socialization and internationalization under the condition of modern high technology. Globalization has brought new opportunities and challenges, the paint industry belongs to the high-tech industry, its development level is one of the national chemical industry development level mark. 90 years, the relevant agencies on a large scale independent development of F, H-class insulation materials, to improve its performance, such as modified diphenyl ether, modified bismaleimide, modified polyesterimide enameled paint, polyamide Imine enameled wire paint, polyimide enameled wire paint, and F, H grade glass fiber products, high performance polyimide film, F grade epoxy powder mica tape and so on. Solvent-free impregnated resin and quick-drying impregnated paint has also been rapid development, less powder mica tape, VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) impregnated resin began to apply. Most of the heat-resistant grades of electrical products are upgraded to Class B, metallurgical, crane, locomotive motors and other special motors began to use the new F, H-class insulation materials.

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