High-temperature insulation paperboard electrical industry essentials

- May 26, 2018 -

High-temperature insulation board, essential for the electrical industry

           Insulated cardboard.jpg

High-temperature insulation board is the general name of the board for electrical industry insulation. There are usually air-insulating paperboards and oil-insulating paperboards, which have good insulation, heat resistance, and durability.


High-temperature insulation board insulation board must also have a higher degree of tightness and voltage strength, using unbleached kraft wood pulp as raw material, made by viscous beating, used in motors, power meters, etc. The insulation board must also have high tightness and withstand voltage strength. It is made of unbleached kraft wood pulp and made by viscous beating. It is used in motors, power meters and so on. The oil insulation board must also have low tightness and good absorbency. It is made of unbleached sulphate pulp and pulp in proper proportions and is made of free-form staple fiber for transformers, starters and circuit breakers. Etc.

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