Glass insulators are easy to clean and difficult to accumulate.

- May 25, 2017-

The main capacity of the glass insulator is large, the voltage distribution is uniform, the glass dielectric constant is 7 ~ 8, the tempered glass insulator has the large main capacitance and the string uniform voltage distribution, which is beneficial to reduce the insulator near the wire side and the grounding side Voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing radio interference, reducing corona loss and prolonging the life of glass insulators. In the operation of the glass insulator suffered a new surface of lightning burns is still smooth vitreous, with a steel within the stress protection layer, to maintain a sufficient insulation with mechanical strength.

Tempered glass insulator zero self-breaking, easy to detect, in actual use can fully demonstrate the good performance advantages, the performance of good function and role. As long as the observation on the ground or helicopter can be, without the pole piece by piece detection, reducing the labor intensity of workers. Insulator is the introduction of the production line of products, the annual run from the break rate of 0.020.04%, you can save the line maintenance costs, resistance to arc and vibration resistance. Tempered glass insulator type: Standard type of weather-resistant DC-type spherical aerodynamic type ground-type electrified railway contact net, different types of practical use in the show an important role and value.

According to the power sector generally reflect the glass insulator easy to clean, and not easy to plot. The above products from the iron cap, tempered glass pieces, steel feet, and cement glue with glue as a whole. All using the most advanced cylindrical head structure, the head size is small, light weight, high strength, creepage distance. Can save metal materials and reduce line costs. In order to meet the needs of live operations, can be used in the hat on the traditional structure of the traditional shape. For the glass insulator on a typical area line, the electromechanical performance after the measurement and operation shall be periodically sampled.

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